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Xiaomi is making a 200w fast charging phone for 2021

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational company of electronics founded in Beijing. Chinese phone making company is always a step ahead than the world in the field of innovation and creation.

They focus on fast charging technology, wireless charging and many more. When It comes to fast charging Xiaomi has made Its reputation in the field.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max:

Xiaomi is already using a split-charging mechanism on its 33W charging solution on the Mi 10T series. Ignoring the low output Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro can charge their big 5000mAh batteries in just around an hour. The 55W solution on the Mi 11 promises to fill the battery in just over half-an-hour.

They said that in upcoming updates company will stick to the 33W solution for a majority of mass Market Premium products. The K40 series of that has been launched in china already uses 33W solution.

This is a forecast that this phone will meat the standards of global market or maybe exceed it as they say about POCO F3 series.  The Mi 10i that was launched earlier than that also uses the same system and so does the Mi 10T series before that.

Recently, Xiaomi has shipped the Mi 11 flagship with a 55W wired charging solution and a 50W wireless charging solution. Given that the 200W solutions is expected to debut later this year, Xiaomi could reserve it for a Mi MIX branded device, or a Mi 11T series device. 

Xiaomi Plans to Launch 200W fast Charging Phone:

The company is working on 200W charging solution as reported for wired and wireless charging and reverse wired charging using 5000mAH battery.

A 5000mAh battery on a Xiaomi phone currently takes approximately 70 minutes with a 33W charging solution. With a 200W system, we can expect the charging times to go down under 20 minutes. You can say that wireless chargers will take more time giving to the heat generation. 

If you expected that oppo’s 125W charging solution to be as the set standard in 2021. Xiaomi is leveling up the game by 200W solution of charging which may debut this year. The name of the device has not come to the surface yet.

It will be paired with 5000mAH Battery. The source of this information is Digital Chat station on Weibo which can be considered reliable in terms of having the record for Xiaomi Based Leaks. This fast-charging phone is seen as the competition in the market already. Its Launch will create a stir in the market. 

We can already see the reputation of Xiaomi and the fact that it has been very serious in terms of fast charging feature. We can see the example of Mi 10 ultra that was wired fast charging 120W which makes it one of the few phones with this speed in terms of charging.

GizChina reported, the phone in discussion is the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. They said it should also feature an under-screen camera. If we see Mix series cell phone screen bezel-less smart devices. The predecessor of Mix 3 and 4 series are known for its pop out camera according to the ratio.

The news came from renowned tipster Digital Chat Station who said that the technology will be launched in second half of the year 2021.

It sounds very much like Mi11 Ultra which has been destined to launched earlier. As we have stated that Xiaomi launched Mi 10 Ultra that came out last year. It can easily be considered as the fastest phone charging solution of 2020 with 120W.

That phone can do charging from 0 to 100% in less than 30 minutes. As we see in the market only a few phones have matched up the level of this smartphone. That includes Vivo i7, Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro, and a few others on the list can be counted on fingers. 

It can only be said that the upcoming phone would become the fastest charging phone of 2021.That being said, there is little to nothing known about the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, but since last year’s model came out. We can say that it may overkill the features and specification of the previous ones. We can expect the same thing from Mi 11 ultra. 

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